R.E.D. Delivers Exclusive Havana Brown Content To American Eagle Stores

Retail Entertainment Design has just wrapped up a new artist promotion for American Eagle Outfitters featuring exclusive content from DJ Havana Brown, whose single “We Run The Night” reached platinum status in the U.S. within 6 months of its release.

Key elements of the promotion include an exclusive music mix from Havana Brown, along with a custom video interview segment and face time for Miss Brown that R.E.D. designed for AE’s video billboard panels located above their Times Square Flagship store.

The two hour mix, as well as her curated playlist will be promoted on the AEO Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify channels. Havana Brown is the fourth artist-centric promotion R.E.D. has developed for clients in the past five months including indie rock duo Matt & Kim.

Abe Claiborne, VP of Label Relations & Acquisitions for R.E.D. is excited about developing this kind of organic pairing of artists with fashion brands — making an authentic connection rather than being weighed down by an official endorsement deal.

“An organic partnership between artists and brands create huge benefits for both sides,” Abe Claiborne said. “The artist gets a dedicated push to American Eagle’s customer base which generates exposure to new fans, while AE gets exclusive features for their brand by tying-in with an artist like Havana Brown — it’s that cool factor.”

In order to pull together a unique artist promotion within 6 to 8 weeks, R.E.D. relies on their strong record label relationships and the ability to showcase exclusive content to a wider audience much faster by using social media channels — with American Eagle Outfitters leveraging their 8 million followers on Facebook.

“Having social media tied in is a big win for the artists, people can talk about it and share content instantly, especially when the music is accessible outside the store,” Claiborne added.

“The innovative element is integrating the artist and brand across multiple touch points now, where years ago content was limited to in-store signage, playback and handouts — the elements were all piecemeal. Now it’s timed to work in concert with a deeper level of engagement for customers without coming off as a tacit endorsement by either party.”

You can find AE’s Spring playlist curated by Havana Brown now on Spotify along with other artist curated music.

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