R.E.D. Pairs ‘Capital Cities’ With American Eagle

As dozens of music industry elite descended upon New York City for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards — American Eagle Outfitters had the indie electro-pop duo Capital Cities proudly displayed across a multi-screen billboard located above their Times Square flagship store.

R.E.D. paired Capital Cities members Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant with AE to create an exclusive playlist for the brand’s big back-to-school push. Team R.E.D. also designed the motion graphics loop for the Times Square store as just one part of a multi-layered social media promotion for AE.

The unique 30 song Capital Cities playlist was featured inside some 923 American Eagle stores and was also posted online through Spotify — allowing immediate access to the content for both mobile and desktop subscribers.

“I think it’s cool that more major label artists are opening themselves up to connecting their music and influences with major brands in such a hands-on way,” said Ray Basile, Chief Creative Officer for R.E.D.

“Every song we curate for American Eagle stores is meticulously poured over to ensure it resonates with their core audience. Choosing the right artist to curate playlists for a retail brand is no different — that unique pairing is what we’re most passionate about. We provide far more than typical music for business.” Basile added.

In addition to delivering the in-store music, R.E.D. worked with Capital Records to produce an exclusive, two-part Capital Cities interview which allowed American Eagle to drive authentic social buzz back to their blog along with their Twitter and Facebook steams.

Capital Cities went on to snag an award for Best Art Direction at the 2013 VMA’s for their video “Safe And Sound” — a single which reached number 9 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

The MTV Moonman win helped underscore the significance of American Eagle’s serendipitous decision to make an exclusive connection with this ultra-cool band exactly when they did.

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