We bring an authentic experience to your brand.

Music for Business


Music is powerful because it stimulates social interaction and drives brand loyalty. We don’t rely on algorithms which have no emotions.

When people hear music they like, they perceive check-out wait times to be shorter than they really are. Sound impacts people instinctively, viscerally, emotionally and on a subconscious level.

We design the soundtrack for your brand. Our curators obsess over the art and craft of music — drawing from years of experience to support our clients with music that is thought-through and designed to fit the desired brand experience. Emotion is a driver of loyalty and music is a driver of emotion.   more...


Video for Business


Our designers create custom motion graphics, digital signage and full motion video to support your brand message inside stores and across social media channels.

Forrester Research shows that 31% of shoppers use YouTube to shop for apparel and 37% watched a video on a retailer website.

If it’s lifestyle content or a seasonal product launch — integrating short branded footage with your audio program will create an authentic connection with your customers while shopping in-store.   more...




Design is at the heart of everything we do.

Our team designs professional-grade audio and video systems for optimal sound coverage, amplification and fidelity. We provide end-to-end solutions with equipment sales and  support for our clients.

Project management

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to work closely with your team before, during and after the installation process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.   more...